A Liebherr WTes 5872 you best buy at Cavepromotor UK

Liebherr WTes 5872 is the type designation for a wine cooler with three temperature zones in which 178 bordeaux bottles format can be stored. In the two top compartments go every 46 bottles and in the bottom compartment can save 86 bottles. The Cabinet is fully implemented in stainless steel makes it an eye-catcher in your interior. A wine cooler ensures that your wine is kept optimal. This is so over the cooling keeping your wines. The humidity in your wine cabinet can affect with the fan itself. Of course, you must have a digital hygrometer to measure this. You buy from Cave promoter a wine Cabinet, you will get this included. Also you will get the necessary explanation how that you can use it. To the wines should get quiet still mature to mature, has Cave promoter Vibration Reduction Blocks. The empty wine Cabinet. Once you insert in your wine Cabinet drops these wines a little bit in the blocks. This has a shock absorbing effect. This shocks or vibrations are caused by people in the neighborhood of the wine Cabinet. This is going so far as to vibrate in the molucelen your wines go based on passing traffic.
The air in your wine Cabinet is filtered. The Active carbon filter for Liebherr developed. In this wine Cabinet has three. These filters must be replaced each year. In practice, you forget this. That is why Cave promoter the Filter Alert Service set up. You will get an annual alert when it comes time to replace your filter. You will get a payment link and after payment you will automatically receive the right type of filter.
If you have any questions about preserving wine or serving, it is helpful to you with real wine experts can exchange of views. This is not found in the home appliances. Cave promoter has specialized in storing and serving wine and comes from the wine industry. Initially we sold only wine first, later also wine cabinets what such a great flight took, that this would require a separate company is set up.
Installing a wine Cabinet you can generally itself. The wine Cabinet is delivered at home, and you can extract and install. Do you doubt to your own ‘ dexterity you can also perform the installation. There is a team of two specialists on site to ensure your wine Cabinet is properly placed.


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