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Great Space Lottery

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The chances of the emergence of intelligent life on Earth were extremely small, so small that we cannot even imagine. This is about the same as your chances of winning a trillion dollars in the lottery. How can this figure change our lives? We publish the key ideas of the article.

We won the space lottery

As often happens, we ride the subway or public transport with our acquaintances and discuss everyday affairs: how to make money, where to go to the movies, new gadgets and political issues, we complain about unfair life and problems that sometimes arise. We don’t think in the least about how great a miracle the emergence of intelligent life was. These questions are usually discussed by philosophers at their dinners. But imagine that this is actually a miracle. Many astronomers and cosmologists believe that we are generally the only intelligent race in the entire universe. Imagine intelligent life is some kind of cosmic lottery that we won. The odds of winning were only 1 in 140 trillion, but we did it! It’s as if a spaceship had assembled by itself from the pieces of garbage that were taken from all over the city to a landfill.

Ben Kerry, in his book This Book Will Change Your Life: 365 Daily Instructions for Hysterical Living, wrote:

There is only 1 chance in 140 trillion that life will appear on Earth. 1 in 795 billion chance that life will form on Earth. 1 in 89 billion chance that life that originated on the planet will evolve into intelligent beings like humans. 1 chance in 12 billion that humanity will develop enough to create an alphabet and provide the basis for civilization. 1 in 7 billion chance your parents will ever meet and only 1 in 90 million chance that they will give you life.

These are actually unique numbers that provide very rich food for thought.

Cosmic evolutionary process

We are part of a global cosmic evolution. Our Universe has been expanding for an insanely long time and the existence of mankind is only 1 letter in its history. It all started with the Big Bang, which gave impetus to the expansion of the Universe and its subsequent development. The particles interacted with each other, turning into molecules, and those, in turn, formed giant accumulations of cosmic dust and gas. Then gravity was connected, which “stitched” these dust clouds together, which gave life to planets and stars. One of these clouds of cosmic dust formed the Sun and the planet on which life originated – the Earth. We found ourselves in exceptional conditions, an atmosphere suitable for life and water appeared on Earth. We are lucky that there was a lot of carbon on the planet, which became the basis for future life.

Life: the beginning

We all know from our biology lessons that life on Earth has become more and more complex over time. The smallest bacteria evolved into protozoa, which in turn evolved into more complex life forms. Organisms needed to evolve in order to adapt to their environment. The strongest survived. Eventually, life evolved to such an extent that animals appeared capable of feeling and experiencing a fairly wide range of emotions. They developed thinking, the ability to learn and understand the world around them. Humanity has appeared. Humans are a very recent evolutionary phenomenon. Our ability to feel and think is much better than other life forms on this planet. The cosmic evolutionary process that gave birth to us is worthy of respect. But do not forget that we ourselves are a miracle, an almost perfect form of life.

Our innumerable possibilities

It’s hard to believe, but if the Earth was a little closer or further from the Sun, it would be another lifeless planet, such as Mars or Venus. If our solar system did not have such giant planets as Jupiter, which attract asteroids with their gravitational mass, the Earth would have long since turned into Roquefort cheese. There are many more things that predetermined our existence. This space puzzle was so difficult, so many events had to happen simultaneously for life to appear on Earth. The likelihood of this was really extremely small. But all this happened, we are alive, and our life is a great opportunity to start doing great things. We want you to read these words of Tit Nat Khan as he wrote in his spiritual bestseller Peace at Every Step:

Everyone thinks that walking on water or turning water into wine is a miracle. But I believe that the real miracle is the ability to walk on Earth. Every day we see miracles that we don’t recognize: blue skies, white clouds, green leaves, the curious eyes of a child, our own eyes in the mirror. This is a real miracle!

These words can be read every day. They remind us of how wonderful our existence is, give us the opportunity to thank the Earth and the Universe for giving us the chance to live this life. Take advantage of every moment. Create. Share your ideas. Help others. Be kind and tolerant. Reflect and meditate.

Live mindfully and be productive. We like to think that when we do something useful, the Universe smiles. Remember the great miracle that we won the space lottery, the odds of winning in which were only 1 in 140 trillion.

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