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The belt dryer is a sustainable drying solution

Are you working with moist matters that need to be dried? Likely, you have been researching ways to dry the matter in an optimum way. Thankfully, Dutch Dryers BV provides the solution you have been waiting for! A bespoke belt dryer is an efficient and effective way to dry moist matters into usable products. Especially when a minimal drying capacity is needed at your company, a belt dryer is a sustainable solution to dry matters.

How does this drying process work?

A bespoke belt dryer is the ultimate solution to dry matters with a high moisture level. This turns it into a usable dry product. The matter is dried through a flow of hot air with a temperature of around 50 °C which is sufficient to achieve an optimal drying result for your products. This temperature can be seen as low value and/or residual heat, making a belt dryer a rather sustainable solution to dry your matters. However, the results remain the same as when high value heat is used. But how does a belt dryer work? Simply put, the moist matter is put on a conveyor belt. The flow of hot air is then being sucked through the matter that has been placed on the conveyor belt.   

Get a business case for your applications

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for a bespoke belt dryer? Then make sure to contact the experts over at Dutch Dryers BV for an assessment of your drying needs. They are more than happy to work out a business case for you. This business case will show you the application of the bespoke belt dryer. It is even possible to request a combination of a belt dryer and a drum dryer if this is more applicable to your situation. Request a quote or get an answer to any questions you have about drying solutions from Dutch Dryers BV.