What is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign?

One of the most important things in internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), is like a dirty word, so little recognisability is given from internet marketing. Concepts such as email marketing, content marketing, article marketing, digital marketing, online marketing (though this is often used for internet marketing), etc. are many and well-known terms used in internet marketing. But maybe it’s all actually about SEO in internet marketing. Where Internet marketing does not meet the rules of Google regarding on-page SEO, your website is already clearly worse valued. When your website is online, internet marketing catches within the “game” of off-site SEO , article marketing can play a good supporting role.

Internet marketing and on-page SEO

Internet marketing is one of the main goals that the site (s) are found well within Google. If this fails and looking only a prefect, is beautifully ge-designde website online, which is not found, it is slanted internet marketing plan was for this website and nothing is wasted. It should be made very clear and concrete business in internet marketing to target a good traceability (so a top position) in Google. That content, which is provided by content marketing in internet marketing, attractive, groomed and interesting have been granted. Ultimately, a website that are approved and do not care but also pointless. In designing and equipping a website should very clearly be given to all facets of search engine of interest, called the activities required for this are on-page SEO. For on-page SEO are a number of issues of great importance. One must analyze what keywords / search terms are used in the target search engines to find your solution (s). Once this is known, it is essential that this occurs just about all the words on the website 3% used. The number of words is also important, at least 500, but the more the better. The selected keyword should preferably be in position 1 of the title, the forefront of the “description” and the same could be said of the “headers” (H1 / m H6). Images must suit the subject and the name of this file can best contain the keyword.

Internet Marketing Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Above are the primary basic rules that a website according to on-page SEO must comply described. Having a website, organized according to the above rules and regulations and put online, it is wise to notify the website Google (indexing), if you do not you are dependent on the “crawl” frequency of Google and it can be a time longer before Google picks up your website. Basically, the primary on-page SEO activities completed since. But stopping all doing on-page SEO in internet marketing ever. Google appreciates a “living” website more than a passive website. This is simply based on the idea of Google that the world is constantly in motion, so the online world too. It is therefore important to regularly change some things, add and remove, Google is confident that the site just as alive as the rest of the world. It is clear that without SEO (on- and off-page) Internet marketing does not make sense.

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